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How to download a video from Facebook Messenger

It's now easy to download a video from Facebook Messenger on both a mobile phone and PC. Using a mobile phone As you start to play the video on Facebook Messenger, tap and hold the video. As well as emojis appearing over the video, you will see several...

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How do I cook breast of lamb?

What on earth do I do with breast of lamb? It's a question I get asked over and over again. If you purchase a whole or half lamb from your butcher for the freezer, you will get breast of lamb as part of your freezer pack. You can potentially opt to have...

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Me, my business and lessons learned from trees

Trees have always been important to me. They have provided me with entertainment, interest, security, solace, comfort and more recently part of my income. Growing up in a rambling old stone house surrounded by large beech and horse chestnut trees, my childhood was...

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